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2017 Cultural Bloc Directors Map and Pictures

Aarnja is a Kimberley Aboriginal membership organisation with representation across the region based on the 5 cultural blocs.

Click here to download the Cultural Bloc Map

Aarnja’s vision is for empowered Kimberley Aboriginal people, communities and organisations to have a strong Kimberley Aboriginal identity and share in all of the social and economic opportunities of modern society

Aarnja’s mission is to work with all parties to create innovative and sustainable opportunities that empower Kimberley Aboriginal people.

Our goals

  • Lead the change from passive welfare to Aboriginal empowerment ensuring a positive and strong Kimberley Aboriginal identity is fostered and sustained for individuals, families and communities.
  • Build a strong and sustainable organisation that seeks and disperses funding in line with our constitutional objectives.
  • Identify policies and programs that really work and to collaborate with Governments, NGOs and Aboriginal organisations to expand them.
  • Be the backbone organisation that supports strong, independent Aboriginal organisations to work together through coherent and agreed Kimberley-wide governance and accountabilities.

Our values

  • We serve and put Kimberley Aboriginal people first.
  • We encourage and embrace change.
  • We act and lead with integrity.
  • We provide and support leadership.
  • We have an enabling and empowerment focus.