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Who is Aarnja?

Aarnja LogoAarnja is a Kimberley Aboriginal membership organisation with representation across the region.

Aarnja’s vision is for empowered Kimberley Aboriginal people, communities and organisations to have a strong Kimberley Aboriginal identity and share in all of the social and economic opportunities of modern society.


Kimberley Aboriginal Children in Care Forum?

Aarnja LogoMore than 70 people participated in the Kimberley Aboriginal Children in Care Forum held in Broome at Goolari’s Gimme Club on the 4th and 5th of April.

Hailed as a landmark event by participants, the forum was presented with a vast array of information where participants workshopped constructive solution to address the overrepresentation of Kimberley Aboriginal children in state care.


Who is Kimberley Futures?

Kimberley Futures Group LogoIn May 2007 Aboriginal people from throughout the Kimberley, came together. The meeting recognised two main challenges, the first being that Aboriginal people must take responsibility for fixing their own problems and second is making sure that Government talk directly to Aboriginal people not just about them. It was agreed that a Kimberley Regional Aboriginal body would be established to represent Kimberley Aboriginal people in the strategic development of the region and the interests of its communities and people.


What is Empowered Communities?

Empowered Communities LogoIndigenous leaders from eight regions across Australia are working together with government and corporate Australia to reform how Indigenous policies and programs are designed and delivered. Aarnja is the organisation working across the West and Central Kimberley on Empowered Communities – the backbone organisation. Wunan is the backbone organisation for the East Kimberley. Empowered Communities is a reform proposal that aims to empower communities by empowering people.